About Us

How did we come about?

Many people do participate at some capacity in active sports during their youth. However, as we grow older and life hits, for most our “active” participation diminishes. Organized activities provide opportunity for teamwork and accountability. And we all know tremendous accomplishments can be attained through teamwork. For most of us, we’ve experienced this at some point in our lives through school, team projects, work challenges, and volunteering. And nowhere is teamwork more evident than in the military. Each member is accountable to their team for knowledge, safety and support. After all, their lives depended on it.

So why mention team and teamwork?

If you look around where you live, you’ll notice that most folks are…um…a bit out of shape. And from friends, neighbors, co-workers, you’ve heard phrases like: “I would love to workout but don’t have the time,” “I need to get in better shape,” or “I need to eat healthier.” You know – I’m sure you’ve heard of them or maybe used the same phrases yourself. We surely don’t know everyone’s situation but when you hear these phrases stop and ask why don’t you? Why don’t you do it?

Maybe it’s because people don’t have the self esteem. Maybe they have medical issues. Maybe they don’t like the competition. Maybe they’re intimidated to join a team or don’t have one to join…Maybe it’s just easier to say Maybe, Maybe Someday, Maybe Tomorrow…

Well – this is what  ActiveDeeds is about:

Provide a team network for people who wish to get active, get healthy, have fun and help others by participating in activities such as running, biking, and swimming while supporting charities for good deeds.

A team environment to help each other be accountable towards our personal goals without the worries of being judged or intimidated. Having some fun in life.

Why support charities for good deeds?

In my opinion, nothing gives one more satisfaction than helping others. This is volunteering your time, mentoring others, contributing your efforts for a good cause, and helping those who suffer from a disease or are less fortunate. Making an impact no matter how small. It’s simple – really…as simple as saying a heartfelt thank you to a waiter, a nurse, or even your parents – those who risk their lives for us every day. As simple as shutting off your technology when talking with someone or doing a simple act of kindness in your everyday life.

It’s simple – You can make an impact no matter how big or small a part you play!

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpen iron, and one man sharpens another.

Accountability and active drive is much easier when you have someone there or a team to share the pain – yes I said the pain – as well as your accomplishments. And yes – you will have those. So visit the Events page and come join us.

Be Active. Stay Active. Do Good Deeds.

Hope to see you Active!


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